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Many years ago, when I became interested in family history, I began to search for information about the original land that my ancestors lived on in Weakley County, Tennessee. It was exciting to find small clues located in county records that provided evidence of the footprints and trails that they had left behind. Eventually, my interest expanded to the land which was owned by neighbors and the surrounding community. I became fascinated with the history of various pieces of land and the process and years that it took to acquire the land. In my search for information, I came upon a book entitled "Weakley County Tennessee Grant Book, 1794-1844 - Tennessee Historical Record Survey" (Work Project Administration). I soon discovered that this book actually contained land records throughout West Tennessee and did not distinguish the pieces of land between counties. Continued research lead me to the realization that because of the courthouse fire in 1948, some of the land information filed there had been forever lost, making the Weakley County land records fractured and incomplete. Like pieces of a puzzle, I saw the need to identify each of the original Weakley County land grants and to match them with the various information available in the land records -- including the warrant, the occupant entry, the Register of Deed's Entry Taker's record, the land grant and various deeds where the land was sold in its entirety or in sections -- thus tracing the hands that the land passed through in the process of becoming a grant and thereafter. Like a lot of genealogy projects, what began as a simple interest in a handful of family plots, quickly expanded into an obsession to identify and compile information about all the land grants of Weakley County.

This site is a work in progress that, by its very nature, will never be completely finished. All information is constantly evolving and is subject to change.

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