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Welcome to Traces of Weakley!

This site was created to share information about the original land grants of Weakley County, Tennessee. It is an attempt to match various Weakley County land records together with the original land grant of which they are a part. The records document the process of obtaining each grant, using the supporting land records (warrants, entries, and surveys). Steps in this process included locating, entering, surveying, and granting the land, then recording the grant in the land office.

For more information on the steps involved in obtaining a land grant, you might enjoy reading:

This Land Is Our Land!
Tennessee's Disputes With North Carolina
By Gale Williams Bamman, CG, CGL.

Retracing the Trails of Your Ancestors Using Deed Records
by William Dollarhide
from the Genealogy Bulletin, Issue No. 25, Jan-Feb 1995

Land information at this site is based upon the Matthew Rhea Survey Map (1832) in which Weakley County was a rectangular shape located in the 12th Surveyor's District, sections 1 and 2, ranges 5 thru 10, and 13th Surveyor's District, sections 1, 2, and 3, ranges 5 thru 10. Later the county lines were reformed to follow rivers and the county took a different shape.

Included is land granted by both the states of North Carolina and Tennessee which are part of what is, or once was, Weakley County. Occasionally, I have included grants in surrounding counties if they were mentioned as adjacent land to a Weakley County grant. In these cases, the grant specifies the county that it is part of and its relationship to Weakley County. Deeds, where the land was bought and sold, are in the process of being included. This site is a work in progress which will be updated periodically as new discoveries are made or mistakes are found, so please check back often. I have no further information on the land or people mentioned in the grant other than what has been provided.

I hope you will find the information at this site useful as you search for "footprints" that your ancestors left behind.

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